Yoga Classes in Rishikesh, India.
Join daily yoga classes in Rishikesh by the Ganges with Namesh in Rishikesh and call directly: 0091-8894666088

World Yoga Day - Thursday 21 June 2018
International Yoga Day on 21st June, please check more details on web and book in advance. This is a special event in the Surrey Hills. Email:

Yoga Workshops
Join our Special Workshops for two hours or 1-2 week courses in Rishikesh, Shimla and Guildford UK. Learn many aspects of yoga. Lets make this yoga technology available for everyone, for the welbeing of people and our societies for a true UNION.

Puran's yoga classes are perfect for men and women of all levels of yoga experience. Relaxation, breathing and a full range of postures are covered in each session to leave you feeling energised and de-stressed. On a weekly basis Puran skilfully guides the whole group through a routine of new and familiar poses, adapting sequences to suit individual needs where appropriate. I can't rate the class highly enough.
(Heleni, Lawyer - Guildford)


Yoga Guna or guild of yoga member ship will be on offer and join us                                         (Available from April 2018)

Gold Member - £14.95 a month

Diamond Member - £24.95 a month

Guild of Yoga Membership is a step further to commiting yourself to a regular yoga class at least once a week. It will give you the opportunity to join yoga workshops, weekends and holidays, as well as keeping you updated with other yoga events.

We are fully insured with all the necessary insurance, but you must check with your GP for any medical precautions. 

Guild of Yoga Membership fee per month: (Special discount for unemployed and elderly)
All membership applies from Sept 2016
Gold Membership:
£14.95 per month- 4 hours a month: 
4 Yoga Classes  (4 hours a month) 
2 Yoga Workshops  (4 hours a month) 
Diamond Membership:
£24.95 per month-  8 hours a month
4 Yoga Classes  (4 hours a month)
2 Yoga Workshops (4 hours a month)


Membership Options

Benefit of regular membership: 

You Enjoy:
  • 20% discount for Yoga weekends in the country. 
  • 20% discount for Yoga Holidays.
  • Newsletter with valuable information about yoga, fitness and health tips. 
  • Free talks and evening events for members with health experts
  • Security and insurance
Registration one off fee -  £6.99

Special workshops for members 
  • Two Workshops every month
  • One evening Class per week
  • Special offer for a yoga Weekend in the Country

Workshops Include different practises: 
+ Breathing or Pranayama workshops
+ Authentic Yoga postures
Specific fitness postures for:
Shoulders, Lower Back and Hips
+ Sun Salutation with 12 postures
+ Advance yoga postures
+ Sanskrit yoga scripts and meditation workshops
+ Meditation 

“ Whether at a collective class or even on a one-on-one in your own home, Puran begins by bringing an aura of peace and levity which immediately serves to start relieving the mental stress of our over active lives. This energy transmission from him then accelerates right up until the end of a full yoga session, at the end of which, physical and mental energy has once again been restored in full."  - Robert Eamey