Yoga Classes in Rishikesh, India.
Join daily yoga classes in Rishikesh by the Ganges with Namesh in Rishikesh and call directly: 0091-8894666088

World Yoga Day - Thursday 21 June 2018
International Yoga Day on 21st June, please check more details on web and book in advance. This is a special event in the Surrey Hills. Email:

Yoga Workshops
Join our Special Workshops for two hours or 1-2 week courses in Rishikesh, Shimla and Guildford UK. Learn many aspects of yoga. Lets make this yoga technology available for everyone, for the welbeing of people and our societies for a true UNION.

Puran's yoga classes are perfect for men and women of all levels of yoga experience. Relaxation, breathing and a full range of postures are covered in each session to leave you feeling energised and de-stressed. On a weekly basis Puran skilfully guides the whole group through a routine of new and familiar poses, adapting sequences to suit individual needs where appropriate. I can't rate the class highly enough.
(Heleni, Lawyer - Guildford)


Yoga at work or talks for corporate or student groups  

Yoga at Work or Talks at Work ! - Health is Wealth

"There is only one wonder of the world and that is this body, if one can not understand the physical existance, how can one understand the metaphysical one ?"  Shankracharya Divyanand Tirth

Offer your staff the chance to practice yoga in their lunch hour or after work. Yoga can help with many work-related problems such as alleviating stress, pain in the back, neck or shoulders and can boost energy. 
Yoga for Corporate Professionals : 
Yoga provides a pro-active approach to help manage employee stress levels and physical fitness. Through proper breathing and physical exercise one can improve health and work productivity.
Many Companies, where staff work all day on computers are now using Yoga as a tool to support their employees by providing free one hour classes during lunch times or after Yoga, which help their employees and businesses in the long term. 
Media Molecule and  Avaya in Guildford are two of these great companies, where I teach and they see the benefits of Yoga and are supporting their staff by using yoga to be stress free. 
Many British schools now have started Mindfullness classes for students and have proven that yoga is a powerful tool to clear the mind and bring stability and concentration to the work place. 

Yoga Classes, Workshops or Talks and Slide Shows 

If your company can not allow you to have time for a regular yoga class during the working hours:

Try a collective yoga talk and slide show to answer all your questions and remove some old myths about yoga (includes some breathing and yoga demonstrations)  40 minutes - Cost: £85

Office Yoga
Monday to Friday – 5:30pm - 6:30pm or 6:30 to 7:30pm
Join - one class a week -  60 minutes   (£196 for 4 classes a month). 

Try - a one off Class - 90 minutes  (£90)

Try- one class a month - 75 minutes  (£75) 


Office Yoga 
Monday to Friday – 5:30pm - 6:30pm or 6:30 to 7:30pm
Available for Company staff only
Please allow 10 minutes extra after the class 
New Workshop Membership Available from 2018 (please see membership page)
Join our special workshops for members, only £14.95 per month, includes 4 hours of yoga a month.

Talks and Slideshows which explain about Yoga:

Talks give a clear idea about Yoga types and its phylosophy as well as a practical sense about science and physiology behind this ancient yogic science.  These talks are given by Puran Bhardwaj who has experienced it from living in the Himalayas.

"My great interest in education and yoga started in childhood, but my real practice started when, at 15 years old, I tutored children in my village and later taught in a remote Himalayan school. I first started to do Yoga outside our traditional family practise with Western visitors, my other experience comes from teaching and from being a trekking guide. 

I have practised various types of yoga with many world renouned teachers, such as Mark Robberds, Mohan Bhandari - Yogi Yoga Center, Birjoo Mehta from Iyengar Yoga, especially at the International Yoga Festival at Parmarth Niketan, Yoga Sarita from Satyananda Bihar Yoga school, traditional authentic yoga from Mahant Narsing Dass in my village in the Himalayas, Real yogic approach from Swami Ramdev, Finally Shivananda Yoga TC and phylosophy from my own Guru Shankracharya Divyanand Tirth.  This has given me the opportunity to join many yoga events and yoga festivals, allows me to learn from these great speakers, now I also speak on yoga in social clubs, private venues and in corporate gatherings. It can be in the city or in the country. These talks are informative and answers the queries one has about yoga, the body, mind and self.   

I have also given talks to schools, clubs, travel shows and organisations on various Indian topics, including traditions, history, yoga, and the practical science of life itself from India, allowing me to explain what I see as " Yoga from Incredible India”   Puran Bhardwaj

Lectures and Slide Shows; include and allow you to pick and choose a topic for the "Ultimate India Experience":

  • Yoga, types, practises and phylosophy
  • History of India, combined with religion and way of life
  • Local Culture, Simple and sustainable life of Indian villages
  • Yoga holidays in India or in the Himalayas
  • Asra Charity and community projects in the Himalayas.      


Alternatively, you could raise money for our Asra Charity.  Exchange knowledge and support locals through our Slide Shows and Talks.